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Smart – Quality – Sharing

Your own “state of the art” quality studio, to test your products year-round in a structural way, together with a knowledge partner. 

“Do It Yourself” & “On-premise”

Our vision: “A product`s quality should be determined in consumption phase”


Your own customized live dashboard

Climate room to simulate the supply chain

The latest sensors technology, developed by a WUR descendant.

Many year of technical advisory experience, automated in user friendly app.

The goals you achieve with sQudio

1 Know your product

Test and capture your entire assortment in your supply chains.

What you get:

  • Map your product-supply chain-fit
  • Share the quality of your product
  • Know the weaknesses per product
  • Know the strengths per product

3 Increase the value of your product

Do A/B testing with a control group and change variables in the growing and/or post-harvest stage.

Find for each product the best changes in the process to increase the selling price and/or quality of your product.

What you get:

  • Know how to IMPROVE product-supply chain-fit
  • Share the IMPROVED quality of your product
  • Know how to MINIMISE the weaknesses of your product
  • Know how to INCREASE the strengths of your products

2 Benchmark your product

Compare your product with the competition.

What you get:

  • Product-supply chain-fit compare to the competition
  • Show the differences with the competition
  • Weaknesses compared to the competition
  • Strengths compared to the competition

4 reduce the cost of your product

Do A/B testing with a control group change variables in the growing and/or post-harvest stage.

Keep the quality constant level and find cost improvements.

What you get:

  • Prove that Product-supply chain-fit is constant
  • Show the difference with the competition
  • Know how to MINIMISE COST without increasing weaknesses
  • Know how to MINIMISE cost without losing the strengths of your product

What is in the package:



  • Sensor kit

  • Camera kit

  • Climate room (optional)


  • User friendly app with test protocols

  • Your own dashboard


  • Assistance for product quality issues

  • Assistance for test facilities issues

“Your competitive advantage”

“The next level in shelf life test”